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Successful jumpstart of Procare Health in Spain
Setember 2013
Successful jumpstart of Procare Health in Spain with the promotion of a range of drugs dedicated to women's health


>        With the signature of a strategic deal with a major leading multinational company in the Spanish market, Procare Health steadily began its activity in Spain. This important deal grants to Procare Health medical exclusive promotion of the contraceptive and well-being range products of the multinational  for a period of five years.

>        This powerful strategic alliance, confirms Procare Health objective of developing as a reference strategic partner in women's health area. The deal, whereby Procare is responsible for the exclusive promotion to gynecologists in Spain, provides additional new launches.

>        Procare Health has a qualified team of professionals with extensive experience specializing in the area of women's health, developed at leading companies such as P&G Pharmaceuticals and Pfizer, among others. Procare Health contributes to this strategic alliance with its expertise and know-how, which together with the quality manufacturing standards, experience and strength of the multinational, guarantee the successful positioning of the products among the market leaders in women’s health in Spain.

Barcelona, 10th September 2013- Procare Health has signed a deal for exclusive co-promotion to Gynecologists of the contraceptive and women’s well-being range of products of one of the top leading companies in the market, for a period of five years.

In the implementation of this powerful alliance, Procare Health has a team of qualified professionals with extensive experience specializing in women's health developed in market-leading companies including P&G Pharmaceuticals, among others, giving wide coverage to Gynecologists in Spain.

To Procare Health, launched into the Spanish market last April, the dealt reached with the multinational, according to its founder and CEO, Yann Gaslain, "means a great step for Procare", stressing the importance of "trusting in Procare Health as a strategic partner, reaffirms our long experience and capability to position products as leaders in the women's health market". In addition, "it validates the vision with which Procare Health was born and confirms our projection as future pharmaceutical company dedicated to women’s health and well-being". In this sense, Yann Gaslain says to keep open discussions with other important companies with the aim of reaching new promotion agreements and licensing deals, which would consolidate this vision in the mid-term.

About Procare Health

Procare Health ( was born in 2013 with the hope and aim of developing as a strategic partner in the women's health market to respond to the demand which arose as a result of the change of model in the pharmaceutical industry.

The innovative and differentiated business model offered by Procare Health to its strategic partners means significant economic savings and flexibility, but also, and mainly, it adds value by the expertise and know-how of the Procare team in the category of women’s health. This unique team is supported by new and efficient technological tools (Ipad, digitized promotional material, CRM, which position Procare Health as the promotion reference partner in women's health.




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