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Launch of Procare Health
April 2013

Launch of Procare Health, a consultant and strategic partner in the women’s health market


►   Procare Health provides a response to a demand has arisen as a result of a change in the pharmaceutical industry model and its economic consequences


►   In setting up this project, the Managing Director, Yann Gaslain, former executive of P&G Pharmaceuticals, has enlisted the help of professionals with more than 15 years’ experience in the women’s health sector


►   This business model will bring companies savings of 40% to 60% in the marketing and sales development of their portfolio, depending on the category, and help them operate in the women’s health care market.


►   The company guarantees integral consulting services and a sales network that covers 75% of Spanish territory, thereby becoming a long-lasting strategic partner for marketing, sales and distribution projects (


Madrid, April the 8th 2013- Procare Health has been launched, a company that offers global solutions for companies and professionals from the healthcare sector in Spain. Procare was set up for the purpose of providing coverage and consulting services in Marketing, Sales and Distribution to companies that operate in the women’s health sector. This service covers the general needs of the pharmaceutical industry following the latest control measures on healthcare expenditure aimed at increasing competition in the Healthcare business and reducing profit margins.

Consequently, Procare Health has been launched in the market in order to increase market share, reduce losses among companies operating in the pharmaceutical industry and improve the profitability of investments in marketing and sales. This solution will allow companies to obtain savings of between 40% and 60%, depending on the category and adopt a more flexible sales approach through the integration of a high quality sales network with a profound knowledge of the market.

Coverage of 75% of national territory

Procare Health will provide sales coverage to 10-15 areas of activity, representing 75% of national territory with respect to coverage provided by women’s healthcare specialists and between 60% and 80% of women’s healthcare specialists in Spain. The company expects to increase this coverage in the midterm to 90-100%, in all cases based on the aim of executing “customised projects”, in the words of its Managing Director, Yann Gaslain, who is well known in the sector for positioning important products in the women’s healthcare sector such as Acrel and Ideos Unidia.

Procare Health will start out with a portfolio of products from the gynaecology, dermatology and traumatology sectors, among others. It will therefore offer services for the marketing and distributing products for women, including prescription and OTC beauty and healthcare products for women.

The company was set up in the market with two main business focuses:

●     Marketing, Promotion and Distribution Consultant: through outsourcing marketing and sales services with a sales network for products specifically intended for women’s healthcare.


●     Acquisition of distribution licences for foreign patents on a long-term basis: through the launch and marketing of products that are not sold in Spain.


Furthermore, the company offers a global service that ranges from support in strategic guidance in launching products, to the development of the market strategy (analysis of the product portfolio and market positioning) or the Marketing and Sales Plan (research, product positioning, target, brand experience…).

The project is promoted by experts in women's healthcare

Yann Gaslain, founding partner and managing director of the company, which is based in Barcelona, has a long professional track-record in the women’s healthcare sector.  He has enlisted the help of experts from the sector who have spent their careers in large multinational companies in the past, such as Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, Danone, AstraZeneca, L’Oreal, Sanofi-Aventis, among others, with more than 15 years’ experience. Some of the professional profiles embarking on this new business venture include a Medical Director, a Business Intelligence Manager or a Director.

Yann Gaslain, former Marketing and Sales Director of P&G Pharmaceuticals Spain in the Women’s Health category, has set up Procare Health for the purpose of generating a solid business project with expertise and know-how in the Healthcare business. “We are very excited to be able to provide professionals from the sector with the best of our experience. The reason we are here is to guarantee an ‘anti-crisis’ solution that will respond to the market need for flexibility and the backing of a team of professionals with great expertise in the sector”, assured the Managing Director.

Yann Gaslain is well known in the sector for his activity in the multinational P&G as the leader of the new Pharmacy Division in Spain, where he created and launched the company’s women's health products. “In a sector in which it is becoming increasingly difficult to innovate, we have launched this company with the aim of ensuring that the Pharma business continues to be attractive from the profitability standpoint”, said Yann Gaslain, who then added “we want to become the partner that makes it possible to implement that change in the Spanish industry model, based on our knowledge of the sector and flexibility as the mainstays of our work”.


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