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Successful jumpstart of Procare Health in Spain
Setember 2013

Successful jumpstart of Procare Health in Spain with the promotion of a range of drugs dedicated to women's health


>        With the signature of a strategic deal with a major leading multinational company in the Spanish market, Procare Health steadily began its activity in Spain. This important deal grants to Procare Health medical exclusive promotion of the contraceptive and well-being range products of the

April 2013

Interview made by El Global on April 8th 2013

Launch of Procare Health
April 2013


Launch of Procare Health, a consultant and strategic partner in the women’s health market


►   Procare Health provides a response to a demand has arisen as a result of a change in the pharmaceutical industry model and its economic consequences


►   In setting up this project, the Managing Direct

Procare Health, the expert in marketing, sales and distribution in women's health
October 2013

Procare Health