Smart & Flexible Business Services
Marketing - Sales - Distribution

We believe that, as we have seen in the past, healthcare organization were looking at externalizing their R&D investments via leveraging licensing and acquisitions models to minimize the risk and financial cost of finding the appropriate innovation, we will see big changes in how we do sales promotion in the near future.

The era of Blockbuster is over and because margins are generally reduced, there is a great need to find alternative approach that will offer lower cost and higher flexibility of the investment while maintaining promotion effectiveness.

“Flexibilize” marketing and sales support… hire new high Performing External Sales Force organization), this will allow to take the low hanging fruit in a business category while minimizing financials risks.
Externally Leverage the asset… non priority business category can be out-sourced with integrated business services covering category management, marketing and sales support as well as distribution to wholesalers & pharmacists
We offer promotions and distributions solutions that ensure best cost effectiveness of the market (ie competitive costing, high flexibility and high seniority and relationship of the organization with key customers).
Procare Health is a High Performing External Sales Force which brings:
Flexible investment (short term on/off)
Motivational: Mixed of cost per call and commissions driven business outcome
Seniority: Sales reps (avg 15 years in industry)
Sales oriented: Established relationship with customers
Cost effectiveness