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Leveraging the use of a best in class framework to build brands that will resonate with target customers & consumers.

How to approach brand equity creation and how to leverage customers and consumers understanding to best prepare brands business and marketing plans.

Here below are some key steps to win in building successful brands in healthcare.

Assess the Landscape: help in designing/running market research programs to validate product positioning, customer targets and best approach to win in the business category.
Define the Who: define the strategic target to guide long term strategic choices, leverage customer and consumer understanding to make the key choices about who you want to talk to!.
Adapt the What: what is your brand’s desired equity? Will it engage the hearts and minds of the target? It is all about brand equity, Point of Difference (POD) and Point of the Parity (POP) vs your key competition. A strong brand equity is key to making a long term difference.
Run the How: define communication idea, work the holistic brand experience (360º marketing and marketing mix optimization), create a robust plan, optimize ROI and make sure the How is well adapted to the Who you have defined…