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In the current environment of lower prices and reduced margins, it is crucial to ensure that each euro invested is relevant and offering ROI. We have identified through multiple sales management experiences, that there are many ways of improving the money spent on sales. Below are a serie of possible actions and training (proper methology) we can bring to your organization we to improve cost effectiveness of sales investments.

How to do more with less… develop a high performance selling organization.
Improve segmentation… and customer target list. Define high level priority pyramid...the blockbuster pharma brands is now over and the customer segmentation and targeting is critical to improve cost effectiveness…
Maximize Reach and Frequency model… according to target potential…be brutal and selective in customer selection and differentiate frequency of calls to adapt efforts to the true “customer potential”. Worked against one size fits all!!!!
Leverage Customer Relationship Management… to maximize Sales ROI. This is not only how to best use systems and tools to extract sales reports. it is how truly you consider your customer as unique so that the better you can respond to their current needs and predict what their future needs may be, the more you will reinforce the relationship and thus business results.
Improve call impact… via teaching persuasive selling technique, best handling objections, turning calls into orders. Deploy in training the 10 ways to gain more from sales calls model. Develop people management strategies to help managing and improving Poor performance. How to get your retails plans with pharmacists succeful…